Mahina Made Collection

Due to limited quantities, this collection is currently available for employees only.


In honor of International Women's Day, we present Auali'i - an exclusive collection by Hawaiian Airlines x Mahina Made.

Our Hawaiian Airlines x Mahina Made collaboration features an exclusive colorway and designs inspired by our Mōʻī Wāhine. Pua kalaunu was said to be the favorite flower of Queen Lili'uokalani, pikake the favorite flower of Queen Kapi'olani, and 'ilima the favorite flower of Queen Emma.

These women have created legacies that have fought for women of their time, our time, and times to come. Together they have shown the power of women to do good and create change.


Update 3/15/2023: W've been informed that a re-order has been placed. We are expecting to get more Passport holders, Luggage Tags, Pareus, and Toiletry Bags in aprox. 5-6 weeks. 

We are expecting the Mahina Made Lei Shirts in aprox. 12 weeks. 

There currently are about 80 orders that have been partially packed, but due to insufficient inventory numbers of the Toiletry Kit, and some shirt sizes, we are unable to complete fulfillment. If you are unable to wait till all your items arrive, feel free to email us at We're happy to cancel the items that aren't in stock and send you everything else. 



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