Sum Of Its Parts Kit

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Ready for school? Get your back-to-school kit with inspired designs by students just like you. Kit includes a notebook, POW! WOW! Hawai‘i pencil case with three pencils, a six inch ruler, custom notebook and sticker. Design story and product details below. 

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Proceeds from the Palama Settlement Collection will be matched by Hawaiian Airlines and go towards supporting Palama Settlement's youth art education program.


“Sum Of Its Parts” by Kayleen Howard, Maile Hoe, Polaris Bruce, Zac Domingo and Jarime Justo

Design story:

Visiting the POW WOW exhibit at Bishop Museum left us with three main ideas to implement and showcase in our design. 

The first was the massive spectrum of styles both realistic and cartoonish as well as colors from monotone to rainbow. There’s no limit to the different looks of each piece. In our design, you’ll notice the same spectrum from Polaris’s realistic cheek to Zac’s stylized explosions. 

The second idea was the feeling of excitement. Friends meeting up, collaborating, walls being painted over, lines being colored out; everything in the exhibit was moving – a living, breathing work of art, just like the street art it paid homage to. The colors in our design, as well as the overall arrangement in the explosion, aimed to capture this movement. 

The final idea from the exhibit was the concept of unity. No matter how wildly different any one piece was, they were all wonderfully unique pieces of the same puzzle connected through the history and community of street art. No artwork felt out of place. The different perspectives of one pig head conveys that idea of different, unique parts of one whole.


Product details: 

Notebook dimensions: 5.25" x 7.75", david dots interior pages with tape binding and elastic closure

Pencil case dimensions: 2.75" H x 8.5" W x 1.12" D

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