POW! WOW! Hawai‘i 10th Anniversary Collection

Hawaiian Airlines and POW! WOW! Hawai‘i, in partnership with the Bishop Museum, are celebrating the art collective’s 10th anniversary with a series of commemorative merchandise being sold to support arts education for children in Hawai‘i.

The collection features designs by the Founder and Lead Director of POW! WOW! Hawai‘i Jasper Wong, Directors Kamea Hadar and Jeff Gress, as well as keiki art from the Pālama Settlement program. A new artist collection will be released at the beginning of each month, coinciding with the anniversary exhibit at the Bishop Museum titled POW! WOW! The First Decade: From Hawai‘i to the World, which runs May 15 through Sept. 19.

All proceeds will go back into the local community by supporting arts education for children through Bishop Museum’s various initiatives which include interactive experiences, engaging hands-on programs, and guided tours. 


Life at the end of the Rainbow, Jasper Wong

This vibrant, playful collection designed by Jasper Wong, Founder and Lead Director of POW! WOW! Hawai‘i features a tri-color rainbow design displayed on an insulated travel cooler, beach towel, crew socks, cotton t-shirt and adhesive sticker.

"It is believed that the end of the rainbow leads to riches, and perhaps a pot of gold. I believe those riches are paradise and this place we call home. Wherever you follow the rainbow, it will lead you home. For me, that place is Hawai‘i. What better place to live than the end of the rainbow.”



Hawaiian Hybrid, Kamea Hadar

Hawaiian Hybrid designed by Kamea Hadar, Director of POW! WOW! Hawai‘i, is inspired by the native Hawaiian ‘‘Ilima flower. The collection features the perfect drinkware options, beautiful coaster set and lifestyle products for the summer.  

"Flowers are an amazing symbol of the natural beauty of Hawai‘i. They represent the vibrant colors that our state has. The specific colors of the flowers represent not only Hawaiian Airlines’ brand colors, but also the diversity we have in nature and the blending of cultures that you find in Hawai‘i." 



Rise n' Grind, Jeff Gress

Jeff Gress, Director of  POW! WOW! Hawai‘i, designed Rise n' Grind to pay respect to the diversity we have here in Hawai‘i. The design is not only colorful but will also inspire your next meal. Ready to grind with friends? Grab your towel, cooler and your to-go tote full of onolicious plate lunches! 

"Hawaii's population is made up by multiple ethnic cultures stemming from the plantation days of the past. That amazing diversity is best represented through the local foods known across our island chain. This design pays homage to the comfort foods we honor and serves as a token of gratitude to the history that influenced a part of Hawaii’s popular cuisine." 



About POW! WOW!

The name POW! WOW! was inspired by the color-filled pages of comic books. “POW!” being the impact that art has on a person. And “WOW!” being the reaction that art has on a viewer. Together they form POW! WOW!, (pow wow), which is a Native American term that describes a gathering that celebrates culture, music, and art. It spoke to the core of POW! WOW!’s mission to beautify, educate, and bring people together through art.

Over the past decade, POW! WOW! has grown into a global network of artists and has organized mural festivals across the globe. As of today, it holds festivals in over 17 cities and brings over 100 international and local artists together to create murals and beautify communities.

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